Historical wine cellars


Endless vineyards
of verdant vine leaves
surround you Marsala.

Your soil, nature’s lifeblood,
feeds vines and yields gilt clusters.
Grapes at midday
steal sun’s warmth
and cicadas in chorus
chant a tuneful verse.

Autumn comes with the harvest.
Damp dewdrops and withered leaves.
Must already ferments in vats.
It’s a feast. A big feast!
Magic ritual is repeated.

The passage of time improves the nectar
and makes it sublime.
Thus is born the wine of Marsala.
Harbinger of good cheer.

Its bouquet inebriates
conquers the heart.
Its perfume
seeps into the soul inducing dreams.

Florio, Garibaldi cellar - open

Florio - open


The Marsala land used to be called the sun-bathed land (fascia del sole), and is now called wine route (strada del vino). It is characterized by the wide vineyards from which renowned wines derive their name and by the ancient wine factories which have carried on the wine tradition.

Due to its specific microclimate, the type of vineyard and soil have made it possible to produce many famous Sicilian wines and most of all the Marsala wine, one of the best-known wines in the world.

Of the various wine factories, the Florio cellars of Marsala are  among the oldest ones. 
They were founded by Vincenzo  Florio in 1832 according to the typical English style of that age.

They are characterized by the pointed arches, a beaten tuff rock floor, and the many hand-made barrels for wine conservation.

The Baglio represented the heart of the production system. 
Master coopers and smiths operated on the barrels with oak, chestnut and Turkey oak ribs.