How many times
have I walked your way.
How many times
have you counted my steps.
You know my steps
my joys and sorrows.

I return to you, Cassero of my youth,
to seek in footsteps worn by time
my roots and being.
I return to you, Cassero of my reminiscence,
witness and keeper of noble thoughts.

Between one step and the next
debating man’s knowledge
furtive glances would always meet.
Knowing glances.
Glances like caresses.
Such eyes! Such ardent eyes!
O how beautiful the girls of the South!

Via del Cassero,
between your walls
I lived out my childhood years.
In your flagstones
I left behind my dreams.
Triumphs? Or defeats?
To each his destiny.

Via 11 Maggio - open


 The  word Cassero or Cassaro,
(Quarterdeck), is of Arabic origin. 
It means Quasr, the castle or the fortified gate of a town, but it is also a term to define the main streets.

Cassero is the street of shops and prestigious artistic hand-crafted production, and for business activities and commerce. 

It splits up the district into two parts, the Medieval centre and the Risorgimento area from Porta Nuova  (New Gate) and Porta Mazara.

After Garibaldi’s landing, it was named
Via 11 Maggio.