St. Peter’s Complex

(City museum)

Your forms are like
arcades of sky.
Precious design.
From the oblivion of time
to new life restored.

From lighted windows
your quad tower keeps vigil.
Keeps vigil over the town.
Light in the night.
Light of the spirit, in days gone by.
Light of wisdom, in the present day.


 It is an articulated and functional structure, a true jewel of historical recovery that is nowadays used for social and cultural activities.

While being a conference hall with 160 seats, it is also used as an auditorium, and houses a child care, a cinema, a videotheque, and a phototheque.

The Benedictine monastery of the 16th century, protected by the Specola, a square tower, where the ancient cells and refectories have become a museum, is the seat of Struppa Town Library and Marsala Civic Museum. 

This last one is subdivided into three sections:

 -  Garibaldi and Risorgimento Section

Founded by Giacomo Giustolisi, it houses the International Centre of Garibaldi-Risorgimento Studies, and the Association of National Garibaldi Towns.

In exposition there are dated prints, original documents, pictures and portraits, uniforms, weapons, sabres, pin revolvers, guns and bayonets, photos, medals, red shirts, and plenty of images relative to the adventure of Garibaldi’s 1,000 followers.  There is also the famous damasked armchair where Garibaldi is said to have rested after the landing.

 - The Archaelogical Section

It is the seat of the International Centre of Phoenician. Punic, and Roman Studies and the Mediterranean Research Laboratory. 
The objects exhibited are all of Lilybeum manufacture and consist of vases for common use, jars, small amphoras, large vessels, small cups.  They are placed in three halls and are dated between the 4th century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D.

- The Popular Traditions Section

It conserves the Maundy Thursday costumes donated by the brotherhood of Saint Ann’s Church. 

In exposition there are the masks and costumes worn during the annual Live Group Procession which takes place on the Maundy Thursday in celebration of the Way of the Cross. This celebration dates back to 300 years ago, and is an important Marsala tradition.
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