Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Quarry
Sanctuary - open

The site of the finding - open

Left-side chapel - open


The image of our Lady appeared in a dream to Father Leonardo Savina, a friar of the Agostininan Hermits’ Order. 
She exhorted him to dig near the quarry to find the ancient simulacrum and build a church there. 

The simulacrum was in fact hidden by the Lilybeum Christians in order to protect it from persecutions.

Not earlier than 1518 was Our Lady’s statue discovered, a small 18-centimetre high sculpture, after some ground collapsed under which the cave and a well were hidden.

Its finding was accompanied by a series of miracles supported by an extensive documentation. 

It is said that the person who found it, being mute,  recovered the power of speech.

In 1788 the town of Marsala elected Our Lady of the Quarry their main Patron and Special Guardian of the Town by a notary act. 

This event is celebrated every January 19th with a procession.

On May 11th, 1943 the small statue was rescued from the rubble caused by bombing attacks.