Bianca Cimiotta Lami - Paola Alviano Glaviano - Angela Marrone
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Calcata, Palazzo Baronale - May, 4/12, 2024

POLITROPOS - Πολυτροπος
A fascinating concept: "polytropìa", derived from the Greek "poli" (many) and "tropos" (way or direction), can be translated as "many ways" or "many directions".
This term perfectly reflects the ability of the three artists with many perspectives and multifaceted ingenuity, who present with different and multifaceted aspects the characterization of their own poetics and expressiveness, in this exhibition, which highlights the importance of flexibility, assuming the versatile forms, such as the goddess Metis to whom the myth refers, and knowing how to adapt one's own discourse and research, always maintaining integrity and authenticity. An intriguing technique that demonstrates how artistic and visual communication can be adapted in creative ways to reach diverse audiences.
True mastery is finding the right balance, and that's what happens...


© Toni Garbasso