From 1999 till 2007 the only quality player or viewer for immersive photographs and images was QuickTime, from Apple.
Here you find some experiments, tests, and some committed work realized with QuickTime technology.

Made with MapsaVR, for ILAUD.
Map with hotspots and radar. open.
cursors FANTASY CURSORS 2001
Realized with LiveStage, it uses a cursor that changes the shape into a flower if passed on a hotspot.
Has a personalized controller for all essential controls on the movement of the panorama. open
folder CUBIC FOLDER 2002
Realized with LiveStage, it's a virtual folder of the old Mac operative system 9. open
laborator LABORATOR 138 2002
Realized with LiveStage, shows a panorama inside a panorama. open
viewer VR VIEWER 2003
Realized with LiveStage, it opens directly in quicktime, has a “skin”, a personalized shape of the window and can charge some different virtual tours. It has a special control for panning and zooming. open
phone Virtual Phone 2007
A virtual cell phone that plays small panoramas.
Realized for a proposal to a telephonic company,has a "skin" and the classic pan and tilt button controls. open
optical OPTICAL SKIN 2002
A particular “skin”, with controls for the rotational speed and tilt on the borders.
Realized with LiveStage, it opens in QuickTime player. open
sincro SYNCRO VR 2003
It opens in QuickTime player, four identical small panoramas that can be synchronized to make a bigger one.
Realized with LiveStage. open

The buildings of the sicilian Zicaffè coffee roasting.
It has slides to control the panning, tilt and zooming movements.
Realized with LiveStage. open

incontri INCONTRI 2003
The art exhibition at the Borghese Gallery in 2003, it's an interface study for an enriched interactivity.
Realized with LiveStage. open
delettrez DELETTREZ JEWELS 2004
The exhibition at the Hotel de la Russie, in Rome, 2004, is an application of the studies on the interface for immersive photographs.
On rollover the hotspots,it is possible to visualize the jewels with extra information.
Realized with LiveStage. open

A virtual tour on the nicest San Francisco skyscraper.
It shows with the immersive photographs related to a map also some traditional photographs..
Realized with LiveStage, unfortunately with the release of QuickTime 7, in 2007, that introduces some security limits, the small compass, (made in flash) is not working more. open


An integration of Quicktime and Director.
It uses some functions of Director to control the qtvr.
As Director cannot handle the visibility of the hotspots, but it can set the volume of the qtvr to 0, so that with a trick made in Livestage, this can set the hotspots on.
Realized with LiveStage e Director. open

studio argento VR SUBMARINE 2001
A little bit deeper on how Director can control a QTVR.
A small virtual tour about Studio Argento.
Realized with Director. open
3D objects
oggetti VR OBJECT 2000-2003
The glorious Linhof Tecknikardan.
The QTVR was realized with QuickTime Authoring Studio. open
Animated images
Acqua di Roma
Gennaro '77
Simple images , partially interactive and moving.
Realized with Electrifier and LiveStage.
© Toni Garbasso