Immersive Laboratory

Experiment: panoramas and objects in panorama

Pano2VR v. 4.0 beta2

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Updated: Nov, 2, 2012 - 12:10 Rome


  • Inside-pano are well displayed and interactivity is allmost ok at 2nd level
  • Object are well displayed, interactivity ok
  • Inside-pano and objects can have alpha channel and react well while in transparency.
  • it is possible to have a 3rd level: pano in a pano in a pano...


  • No FullScreen: all the inside-panos will open at full screen
  • Pano at 3rd level does not hide properly while panning and have problems with some interactions
  • Cursor can have problems on resizing
  • Video pops-up under all other objects
  • Directional sound in the 2nd level pano has the main pano orientation

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